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Does your boiler need servicing?

Not sure? Sledge Total Protection technicians have work on hydronic boilers for over 20 years. We can answer all of your broiler and water heater questions.

They are used for more than heating your radiators. Some homes has radiant floors as well.

Boilers are typically available in a efficiency rating ranging from 80%-96%. Most boilers today are about 80%. The 90% and up boilers has just recently been requested by home owners.

Every heating equipment including boilers, water heaters all require annual maintenance. No matter the life expectancy. No matter what boiler you have, annual maintenance is key to keeping your boiler operating manufactory standard and efficiency. So, please call to get your annual maintenance today 301.241.6195.

 Sledge Total Protection Boiler and Water Heater Maintenance Includes:

Valve maintenance and repair. Switch maintenance and repair. Combustion air requirements. Piping inspection and repair. Expansion tank inspection and repair. Boiler Flooding. We perform a complete diagnostic.

We clean and inspect the heat exchanger of the boiler. Ensuring all the boiler connections and wiring are intact. If not, we service, repair, and/or replace the boiler. We test the pH levels to confirm that they are within the proper range. Inspecting the condensate system, cleaning and/or flushing the system if necessary.

Checking the gas pressure is most important! We inspect for leaks, cracks, and malfunctioning controls to eliminate the possibly of toxic emission or gas leaking into you home.

Sledge Total Protection located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. We service boilers the Washington Metropolitan area.