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When it comes to your home furnace Sledge Total Protection is your local expert.

Our  technician are trained on  high efficiency oil furnaces, propane furnaces, and gas furnaces. Sledge Total Protection always focus on customer satisfaction first.

What can you expect on your Sledge Total Protection no heat service call?

Sledge Total Protection will give you a full report on your furnace before any work is done. We will look at the age of furnace. With the aging of your furnace, it is important to check your furnace heat exchanger for cracks.  Cracked heat exchanger in your home has been the  leading cause carbon monoxide expose to your family that  can create a dangerous situation for you and your family. If we find a cracked heat exchanger, we will take the necessary steps to protect you and your family. You and your family are our number priority.

Sledge Total Protection will also look a the furnace efficiency of your home furnaces.  This is the leading cost on your utility bills. Sledge Total Protection will look for the right energy efficient furnace to fit your home needs. This will improve the confront of your home.

How often to change furnace filter?

Is one of  the number one questions ask get asked. Sledge Total Protection will also check your filter in your home. This depend on what type filter you have. There are different types of filters on the market. Some filters have a MERV rating on it, that is use as a guide. You have an option on HEPA furnace filter,  fiberglass furnace filter, and pleated furnace filters. Not changing your furnace filter can cause damage to your furnace. A clogged air filter will restrict the air flow through your home HVAC system properly. This can heat up your heat exchanger and cause damage to it, as well it may cause your furnace to short cycle.

Sledge Total Protection will compare your option with you to repair your furnace or replace your furnace. When you ask for a furnace near me. We will provide you with information to make the right decision for you and your family.