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UV Light Air Sanitizer


With COVID-19 been a big part of our lives today. Sledge Total Protection offer a wide array of UV lights that Sanitize our HVAC air flow. Ultraviolet light disinfect your home space and provide confronts with the powerful air movement and UV-C technology.

With our homes been built much tighter than older homes, the air has become stale. With our air recirculating about 6-8 times a day in our home. This is good for home air loss leakage, but not so good for our health. UV lights help clean your air from chemicals, mold spores, cooking smells, germs, viruses, tobacco smoke, pet odors and allergens. This leaves our home with a healthier air quality. The health benefits of ultraviolet light is worth the dollars spent.

Ultraviolet light bulbs needs to be replace from time to time, depending on the type you have. Sledge Total Protection technician can help with replacing your old UV light bulbs or replace a non working unit.

When google Ultraviolet  UV lights near me, you may find yourself with many options. Sledge Total Protection can help you select the right option for your home.